The Compadres will take you on a high energy sonic trip from Mediterranean to the Ecuadorian coast with the classic early 1960’s California surf guitar sound. The group began with two brothers (Endika Milan and Iker Milan) having a passion for early 60’s surf music. In 2013, Endika and Iker started woodshedding the Surf Sound. Soon after, 2014, the Milan brothers crossed paths with Markuhno (Voodoo Court) and a weekly jam was in order. With a few gigs behind their belt, the setlist has grown to include original material.

Iker (drummer) keeps the upbeat energy for the two high octane guitars to cover the sounds of The Ventures, Dick Dale, Los Straitjackets and The Astronauts. With their upcoming 2015 release ” Surf desde Latitud Cero “, Endika, Markuhno and Iker take an exciting step towards surf music bliss. The band really digs performing locally where the fans whole heartily accept it. “Performing in Cuenca, we are like the surf music ambassadors, introducing a new style of music to the locals and gaining happy fans”.